Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Private Investigater: Links and Information

Well, let me continue. This is a Blog update that will talk about various issues. I do one of these every once in a while. It may not make sense to you but it makes pleny of sense to me. First I'd like to tell you about my private investigater Blog. I misspell it for a reason. Next there is Mortgage Banking Solutions. This is a great company that deals with such things as Warehouse Lines of Credit, mortgage licensing and even secondary marketing. If that's not your thing, there is always companies like NetSkrill LLC who can help you refinace your home. No that is not a spelling mistake, but some might think it is.

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One of the grossest videos on the Internet is 2 girls and 1 cup. It starts off nice and then goes bad quick. Then when it looks like it can't get any worse, it does. It is probably not the best idea to watch two girls and one cup in front of priests, family memebers or co-workers. Here is the film review of 2 girls and 1 cup. Pretty funny I think. Something is not funny but that is serious is learning about who is running for President. It's important to watch Ron Paul videos and learn about this great man. There is a lot of Ron Paul links and even information about Ron Paul being excluded from the FOX debate and forum in New Hampshire. Watch Ron Paul talk to Jay Leno about being excluded from FOX debate. Once you have watched Ron Paul videos, it is important to educate others. If it seems like I'm rambling, it's only because I am.

I mentioned before, Internet Rocky Point is a website devoted to WiFi and Internet connection in Rocky Point also known as Puerto Penasco Mexico. KJM construction is a great Arizona General contractor that can help you build your dream home. Contact them today. Another great team is Schree and Baby. They doing a lesbian radio show pretty much every day of the week. Along with being very entertaining, they are really great people as well. Here is some photos of them and you can contact them here. See what people are saying about this great lesbian radio show. My favorite Wifi and Internet company on the web is They provide great concierge services too. The hotels they help are great too like the hotel in Phoenix and the other hotel in Mesa Arizona.

Do you remember the movie Mission Impossible 3? Well it's important to boycott MI3 because of Tom Cruise and Scientology. Did you know that Tom Cruise will receive almost 25% of the money made from Mission Impossible 3. Tom Cruise is the biggest contributor to the Church of Scientology. Because of all this you must boycott Tom Cruise and everything he does. By paying to see this movie, you are directly funding the cult that Tom Cruise belongs to. Here is a petition to boycott Mission Impossible 3. A Scientology Blog shows that this is an evil cult that is destroying people's lives through such things as disconnection or disconnection in Scientology and brainwashing. Tom Cruise is promoting this cult to young kids and adults all around the world. Major corporate companies are affiliated with the "Church" as Scientology front groups. This makes the "Church" appear more legitimate than it really is. This is one of the ways that they recruit new members to the church. I say boycott all celebrities and companies involved with Scientology. It's important to watch Scientology videos to find out what is Scientology. Some of these critical videos are the South Park Scientology episode. There is the "Chef returns to South Park" and "Super Best Friends or Blainetology" episode. You can watch all the South Park Scientology episodes at Another is the Bridge movie. A great one that shows the evils of Scientology's stance on no prescriptions drugs, like Narconon, is how Jeremy Perkins killed his mom Ellie Perkins. Also, learn about how Scientology trys to shut down Myspace profiles that are critical of the "Religion". Read about the Scientology rumors that the FBI should be aware of.

You can learn more about this by reading the real Religious Freedom Watch website. This is a site devoted to the critics of Scientology. The "Church" has a similiar page at the .com version of the domain name but their site is filled with only hate and lies about the people that speak out against Scientology. Scientology talks about religious freedom but does not practice it. If you ask questions about the "church" you will become an enemy of L. Ron Hubbard. This will make you an SP and be a target of "Fair Game". One of these questions they don't want you to ask is anything about Xenu the Galactic overlord as mentioned in OT3. This is the main belief behind Scientology and the reason they steal all your money. Xenu has been locked up for ever. He's paid his debt to society. I say we free Xenu! I also recommend viewing the other critic sites such as Lermanet, that is a great site. Another site is which shows all the lawsuits by Scientology. Critics of Scientology to learn about are Keith Henson and Shawn Lonsdale. They are great men and people need to know about them. Crazy people of Scientology to learn about are the likes of Jenna Elfman. She is freakin' nuts! I consider myself a critic and here is my .com version of my name, Paul Horner.

On a lighter note, here is a story I wrote of how I accomplished to free my cock. Pretty funny I think. Also, here is some great art work by Joyce. Another fun site is Paul's favorite videos or You can also type if you would like. A fun site to check out also is the Hurricane Katrina Photos Blog. Then a good thing to learn about is SFI and how you can make money with it. Check it out if you get a chance. If you need a monsterjob or even monsterjobs, is the website to go to. They can help you get the monster movie role or that job in a haunted house that you have always wanted. Once you get that dream job, you need that dream house. But, maybe you can't qualify for a home loan. That is not problem. You can always rent to own a home. Everyone qualifies! Thanks for visiting!