Saturday, September 1, 2007

Advertise your company on a home page for a one time fee of $5


I thought I'd put this up here first before anyone else saw it.

For a one time fee of only $5 you can place your companies logo on a website with the likes of Myspace and even Yahoo. You'll be on the homepage. It's a small ad, but hey, it's only $5 dollars and it will directly link to your landing page. This just got started but it's already starting to blow up so get in now before all the spots are gone.

Simple instructions are on this page ->

Let me know if this helps -


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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Private Investigater article and information

Do you need a private investigater? We can help.

Before obtaining a private investigater for surveillance, I would advise finding a company you can trust, which is question and answer based and will assist you in hiring an Investigator. The article will provide you with information that can reduce the cost of a surveillance by a private investigator in general and also increase the chances of a successful surveillance.

If you are considering employing an investigator for surveillance in L।A. County, I would advise reading another short article entitled, Someone wanting to find a lost friend or lover, a relative or dead beat dad are common reasons to enlist my services.

If you are not certain that you spouse is cheating, it would be wise to read another short article that I've written entitled, "Signs of a Cheating Spouse." There is no need to hire a private investigater, if the potential cheater passes this test and this test can be confirmed by an investigater.

In addition to the spousal/marital type private investigater , I also conducted general surveillance for other reasons, both for companies and individuals.

I was also competant in locating missing persons (Nationwide) . I was called upon to locate missing persons for many different reasons.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Things I learned about being a private investigator

Today I learned a few things in the investigations field. Here they are:
  • private investigator
  • private background checks
  • private investigater
  • a private investigater
  • be a private investigater
  • become a private investigater
  • becoming a private investigater
  • how to be a private investigater
I am really happy to know about these things. It is fun being a private investigater. I can't wait to learn more.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Welcome to my Private Investigater Blog

This is the first posting for my private investigater blog. I'm not really sure what to talk about, so please bear with me.

First, let me tell you that in the private investigator field it can be very dangerous. I've been shot at a few times. I've also been followed around by husbands who I caught on video surveillance cheating on their significant others. So, they get mad at me and try to get revenge. The thing they don't know is that I'm a like a ninja. I can kill with my pinky. I'm a shadow. I am a private investigater.

More to come....